Frequently Asked Questions

You, or your supervisor, should inform your HR Department Generalist, or email us at hr@tc.columbia.edu. You should also review the Remote Work Onboarding guidelines on our website.


Your current TC ID will be updated in the various systems to reflect that you are an employee. If you lose your ID card, contact the Office of Card Services located in Whittier Hall, Room 1B immediately so the lost card can be deactivated for security reasons and a replacement card issued.



You may update your W4 Tax Withholdings and your Direct Deposit Allocation on myTC, under the Employee Resources tab, in the Payroll and Human Resources box. Please review the Employee Resources section of the website for more information.

Note: Your first paycheck will always be a physical check, even if you elected for Direct Deposit. The following paychecks will be directly deposited into your bank account.

Your offer letter will indicate how you are paid, whether hourly or salaried.

  • If you are paid hourly, you will be paid according to the bi-weekly (B2) payroll schedule.
  • If you are salaried, you will be paid according to the semi-monthly payroll schedule.

The Payroll schedule is located via the myTC portal >Employee Resources > Payroll and Human Resources >Guides and Documentation>Payroll Schedule. If you have additional questions, reach out to your HR Department Representative.

Your timesheet will be available in myTC two business days after accepting your employment offer in PageUp. If more than two days have passed, please alert your supervisor and email the HR office at hr@tc.columbia.edu.

Electronic timesheets must be submitted to your supervisor by noon on the Monday prior to the scheduled pay date. If you missed the noon deadline, a late timesheet must be submitted. You, and your supervisor, must complete the form and submit it to the Payroll office. You can access a copy of the late timesheet form here or pick up a hardcopy from the Payroll office, located in 120 Whittier Hall.


If you need proof of employment and/or proof of income for financial institutions and other agencies, please complete the Employment Verification Request Form and email it to hr@tc.columbia.edu. Please allow 2 to 5 business days for completion of this request. If you are in urgent need, be sure to indicate this in the “additional information” section of this form. 

Please review the Employee Resources section of the website for further information.


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