Additional Resources & Training

Best Practices for Managing a Hybrid/Flexible Team: A helpful tip sheet for managers.

Managers Toolkit: To help managers and supervisors accomplish many of their Human Resources related tasks more efficiently.

5 Tips for Working In a Hybrid Environment: Five valuable tips for successfully navigating a hybrid work environment.

Policy for Hiring or Retaining Individuals Who Will Work Outside of New York State

Request For Flexible Work Arrangement Form

LinkedIn Learning

All TC employees have access to a free LinkedIn Learning account which offers multiple courses to help managers and team members navigate hybrid, remote and in-person work.

Course recommendations specifically for managers/supervisors: 

OASID Information

If you have a documented disability and would like to explore if you are eligible for workplace accommodations related to flexible work, you are encouraged to contact the Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities (OASID). A reasonable accommodation is any change to the job, the way the job is done, or the work environment that allows a person with a disability to perform the job’s essential functions.

To register as an employee with a disability through OASID, submit an OASID Registration Form and provide clinical documentation of your disability that meets the criteria listed on the Staff and Faculty Information page. Once the request is received, you will be contacted to begin an interactive dialogue with OASID staff and your supervisor to assess whether your disability can be reasonably accommodated.

If you have any questions related to disability-related accommodations, please contact OASID at

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