Schools vs COVID

Schools vs. COVID

A series on education during the pandemic

Featuring TC faculty and staff experts, students and alumni who serve as superintendents, principals, teachers and school support staff on a range of issues, including re-opening, remote teaching and learning, educational equity, assessment and emerging research.

Framing the Issues

Sign "Stay Connected and Keep Learning Online"

Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring: COVID’s Psychological Fallout in Schools

For many students and educators, the pandemic’s uncertainty is exacting a greater toll than the virus itself

Faculty Roundtable on Back to School Under COVID

Leadership in Crisis

Four Teachers College experts weigh the challenges of the coming school year

COVID-19 graph children and teens

“The Ultimate Adaptive Challenge”

To reopen or not reopen? And how? Four TC community members who are school leaders discuss making life-or-death choices with no right answers

Hollingworth Building Logo 1200

So How Do You Do Pre-K Online?

At TC’s Hollingworth Preschool, with imagination, patience and realistic expectations

Dispatches from the Field

Cheating on an online test (Jared Stein / CC)

How to Stop Students from Cheating Online? Be Interesting

A new study co-authored by TC staff member Megan Krou argues for ‘the power of motivation’

Stressed Student Home Learning

Nearly a Year In, Taking Stock of Students’ Mental Health

A TC roundtable weighs the fallout of remote schooling – and some upsides

School Counselor Door

Helping Students Deal with Lack of Structure

TC school psychology graduates on the ground

Camden George Floyd Protests (AP Photo)

The Other Stressor: Violence Against People of Color

Why pandemic times have been harder for Black students and those from other minority groups

TCCS Katey Ho (1200)

Teaching Music Online When Kids Lack Instruments and Internet Access

As Music Manager for Washington D.C.’s schools, classically trained alumna Katy Ho Weatherly has learned to improvise during the pandemic

Crystal Jones

Making School a Lifeline

Principal Crystal Jones has concentrated on making her Atlanta public school “the one place that’s consistent” for children and families

Joshua Long

Preserving the Human Interaction

As Chicago’s schools operate online, Principal Joshua Long is providing his special-needs students with one-on-one attention

Libby Bonesteel thumbnail

Leading Essential Workers in “An Impossible Situation”

Elizabeth Bonesteel, Superintendent of Vermont’s Montpelier-Roxbury schools believes too much is being asked of educators

Lorna Lewis thumbnail

First Things First

In Malverne, New York, new Superintendent Lorna Lewis is focused on health and wellbeing

Tom Rogers thumbnail

“In the Worst of Times, the Best of People”

As Syosset, New York’s schools grapple with uncertainty and other challenges, Superintendent Tom Rogers is heartened by his community’s spirit

Brett Schneider thumbnail

Dialogue, Knowledge, Flexibility

Those are Bronx Collaborative High School Principal Brett Schneider’s watchwords for reopening this fall


School Children in Cafeteria Line (iStock)

The Pandemic’s School Nutrition Takeaway: All kids should eat for free – from now on

The Tisch Food Center's Julia McCarthy also flags the disproportionate impact of food insecurity on Black families

Cybersafe Young Children (book)

Fostering Digital Citizenship in the New Normal of Online Schooling

Why and how we must educate very young children about privacy, permanence and kindness

CFE - Chalkbeat

Now is the Time to Fix School Inequity with Funding

Escalating costs and dwindling budgets will hurt Black and Brown students the most, writes TC’s Michael Rebell in the New York Daily News.

Teachers Desk

Amid COVID and Racial Injustice, Teachers Matter More than Ever

They anchor young people and create safe spaces in times of crisis

Helicopter Toy Judith Burton

The Arts and Re-Envisioning COVID-Era Schools

Using the arts to re-imagine education as distinct from schooling

Chris Emdin NBC Racism in Textbooks

Removing Racial Bias

It starts with rewriting biased histories, Christopher Emdin tells NBC

Jamila Lyiscott

Demanding an “Independent Autopsy” of America’s Schools

At TC’s Reimagining Institute, Jamila Lyiscott calls for a focus on “toxic ideologies” that deny the genius of black and brown children

Parent bringing children to school

Reopening Schools Safely This Fall

“Little kids first,” argues TC’s Sarah Cohodes on website

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