Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off

15 days/year (accrual 8.75 hours/month)

After 10 years of service, accrual increases to 20 days/year

Able to carry over a max of one year of accruals to the next year

12 days/year (accrual 1 day/month)

Maximum sick time accrual is 24 sick days

Up to 40 sick hours may be used for the care of family member or preventative care

1 day/year

After 10 years of service, increases to 2 days/year

Personal days do not carry over - expires by 8/31 if not used

Employees are entitled to the following paid holidays:

New Year’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
The Friday of the Academic Spring Holidays
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day 
Election Day 
Friday after Thanksgiving
Christmas Day
Five working days between Christmas and New Year’s Day


Accruals begin on your first day

Vacation & Personal Time may be used after 3 months of service

Sick time may be used once accrued

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