Job Safety Assessment - In-Person Requirements

Job Safety Assessment

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What is a Job Safety Assessment (JSA)?

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) team at Teachers College is responsible for performing the Job Safety Assessment (JSA) for all job functions on campus. The basic principle of the JSA is to break down the work to be performed into distinct tasks and then analyze each distinct work task for potential safety risks or hazards and what performance requirements are needed in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The JSA also includes a “what if” analysis for non-routine and disrupted conditions.

For research lab or center leads, is a Job Safety Assessment (JSA) required for a return to in-person research? 

Yes, research groups are asked to contact the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) to schedule a JSA or with any questions. 

For labs and centers looking to acquire PPE, please review the following documents:

For individual researchers, is a Job Safety Assessment (JSA) required for a return to in-person research?

Individual researchers typically do not need a Job Safety Assessment. Researchers should consult the Risk Assessment in Research guidance and the Researcher Safety Assessment Guide for safety and hygiene guidance. 


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